Iconic Views of the Franschhoek Valley

It just seems meant to be that the location of Roca on Dieu Donne is actually translated as Rock on God Given land. This becomes apparent on first observing the iconic views of the Franschoek Valley from the upper deck of the double volume Roca Restaurant.

The visionary behind the Dieu Donne wine estate, Robert Maingard, has no doubt inculcated the dynamic restaurant proprietor, Craig Sherrell, to use the space in which the energy of sacred geometry has been introduced. A visit here can be lengthy as the beauty; the food, the wine and the service have an amazing effect. The upper indoor space, seating 120 covers has its special aura, complimented by the Seed and Flower of Life and the Cross of Loraine. Award-winning wines at Dieu Donne are available at the wine tasting area adjacent to the restaurant and Roca brews Craft beer with the Copper clad advanced system from Austria.

A third level has been introduced, as “Roca 360 on the Roof” and the view will validate this sacred ground on God’s Given land.

We would love you to join us for lunch or dinner 7 days a week, excluding Sunday evenings.